Author, Hollywood interviewer and Hitchcock Biographer SANDRA SHEVEY has interviewed some of the biggest icons of the 20th Century. These are her books…

Sandra Shevey Books is publisher and copyright holder to all products.  For information, rights enquiries or to place an order, please contact Sandra at sandra_shevey@yahoo.com

THE OTHER SIDE OF LENNON: John Lennon vs. Sandra Shevey

ISBN: 9780955700026 eBook

Sandra Shevey interviewed John Lennon in New York City in 1972. He had just moved to America with wife Yoko Ono and they were completing the film Imagine. Lennon had recently split with The Beatles and was trying to carve out a new identity as a feminist cum artist cum solo act. He was talking to limited press and Shevey was lucky enough to be included. The interview which began at 1pm lasted until 1am with John talking non-stop about any number of things Beatles related and not…

Sandra runs a London tour visiting notable Lennon locations. Email sandra_shevey@yahoo.com to book.

THE MARILYN SCANDAL: The Book which Her Friends Asked Me to Write

ISBN: 9780955700040 eBook

Feminist film historian Sandra Shevey authored the seminal `Down With Myth America` for the New York Times (1970) before devising seminal courses on women and ethnicities for USC and NYU in the Seventies.

Whilst teaching she also penned features for magazines and newspapaers and in so doing came to know many of Marilyn Monroe`s friends and associates.

She became obsessed by the `untold` story of sex harassment and victimization by the film industry which sadly still abides. That said, she also became aware of Marilyn`s ego and how that ego contributed to her untimely end.

4″ x 4″ PHOTO: Framed and Signed

Personally inscribed and signed photo

4″ x 4″ photo of author Sandra Shevey presented framed, personally inscribed and signed by Sandra herself. Email sandra_shevey@yahoo.com to place an order.


ISBN: 9780955700088 eBook

In 1972, journalist, author, film historian and Hollywood interviewer Sandra Shevey was invited to a 3 hour, one-on-one interview with director Alfred Hitchcock – the director`s last before his death in 1980.

This collection of essays includes quotes and revelations from Shevey`s seminal interview with the director as well as other interviews with the actors, actresses, producers and even family Hitchcock worked with as part of her life-long fascination with the life and work of this groundbreaking director.


LONDON’S ANCIENT MARKETS: Their Fight for Survival

ISBN: 9780955700019 DVD

This film is a profile of four ancient London markets threatened with redevelopment: Spitalfield; Smithfield; Borough; Covent Garden. Two have already suffered the fallout of redevelopment; the other two await their fate and the outcome of planning applications for redevelopment.

The film compares and contrasts and analyzes to what extent the marriage of market forces and local neighbourhood history has given us what we consider to be the ‘bone marrow’ of London life.



ISBN: 9780955700071

This is the paperback edition of the Sidgwick hardback but without the photo insert and contains most of Sandra`s legendary 1972 12 hr interview with John in NYC. Rights reversion to author 1972. Sandra Shevey Books controls sales, licences and sub-rights. 

Sandra runs a London tour visiting notable Lennon locations. Email sandra_shevey@yahoo.com to book.


Sandra Shevey is keen to have reviews of her books. If you are interested in writing a review of a Sandra Shevey book, please email sandra_shevey@yahoo.com for pro bono review copies.

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